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Libertines Interview

Here is the interview where pete says

What's your best feature?
Pete: Probably Carlos.

The rest is behind the cut

I found this at bbc.co.uk

Monday 28 October, 2002 11.20
The Libertines interview

Dubbed the British Strokes by NME, leather jacketed four-piece guitar band The Libertines have certainly rocketed into the limelight despite only releasing their first single in June.


This summer saw them doing things other bands can only dream of - supporting The Strokes, The Vines and appearing at the Reading/Leeds Festivals.

BBC Southampton's Indy Almroth-Wright climbed aboard The Libertines' tour bus for a chat before their gig at The Joiners in Southampton.

Has the sudden thrust into stardom been a bit daunting for you?
Pete: We've been given an opportunity if we want stardom - I don't think we've exactly got stardom at the moment, but the machinery's all there.

How do you feel being filed alongside the likes of The Strokes and The Hives?
Carl: It seems only natural in a way, you can't blame people.
Pete: To be honest I don't mind because you can't complain about people calling you this and calling you that as long as they get the name of the band right
John: If you're trying to describe a band you need to have a reference to go by.

Describe your sound in three words.....
Pete: Innocent, emotional and simple
Carl: Simple is definitely what I'd describe your music as!


Who or what has inspired you?
Carl: Sid James and Sid Vicious.
Pete: Whatever it is that gives you that feeling inside to get out of bed, get out of London and do something. Whatever inspires you to do that - to be alive and to dream.

How have you all taken to your first tour?
Pete: I've had a few nasty surprises and a few pleasant surprises - acts of random violence and acts of random goodwill. It all adds up to a complete tablet of chaos that you have to swallow - but they never told me it was going to be a suppository!

What's been the best venue so far?
Pete: I'd say Leicester, it was completely barmy.
John: Yeah, it was a great atmosphere.

What's your favourite smell?
I like the smell of my Grandma's soap - I used to sit in the bath and eat it.
John: Felt tips.
Pete: Marzipan - I haven't smelt it for years, I'd do anything for that

What did you want to be as a kid?
John: A hairdresser, a comedian and a football player all in one.
Pete: And he's taking it down the wing....OOoooh lovely side parting!
I wanted to play for Queens Park Rangers Football Club to be honest. I thought that was always what was going to happen and then the day I realised that I wasn't going to play for QPR was the day I started writing melancholy songs.
Carl: It was a different thing every day but nothing ever realistic - my dad wanted me to be a lawyer, but I think he was wrong.


If you could be a superhero what would be your secret power?
Pete: My special power would be to stop the world - but all things like cigarette machines keep on working and I could just wonder around with this lovely girl I met in Aberdeen.
Gary: The power of healing and drumming.

What's your best feature?
Pete: Probably Carlos.

When did you first fall in love?
Pete: I fell in love with a girl called Emma Frogg with two g's. I was in Liverpool and I used to play football with her all day she was wicked but she had no teeth.
Carl: The first time I fell in love with a real person was at school when I got beaten up and this girl came and sorted me out when I was all mashed up.
John: It was probably when I was about 13 and I heard the Beatles for the first time .
Gary: When I met Pete, Carl and John.

Where would you like to be this time next year?
Pete: Just still playing the guitar in the band.
Carl: Yeah, the same as now.

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