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PeteDohertyOnline.com! [Jul 16 2008 | 2:51pm]


I just thought I'd let you all know about my new Pete Doherty fansite that I opened a few days back, I hope you will all like it! I'm hoping to expand the site so that it becomes a large, reliable source for Pete Doherty fans!

Please visit :)

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Pete's love child? [Feb 02 2008 | 5:49pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just found this http://music.aol.com/popeater/2007/06/15/musics-most-embarrassing-dads-pete-doherty/

which led me to this http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=7&entry_id=1774

so is any of this true.....?

Don’t Look Back Into The Sun | 5 Looked

[Dec 09 2007 | 2:12pm]

Okay, people. NME's doing their awards thing, and the boys need our help in voting them sexy. All you have to do is click these links. You don't have to sign up or anything, and you can click them as many times as you like, I think, so please do so. Peter and Drew are in the top 20 chart, but Drew just barely, and Carl's not in there at all :-( so PLEASE click to vote!


Also, if you're so inclined, Jarvis.

Updates and such are made to the post over at thelibs_daily. There's also a number of other links and such in the comments, so I highly recommend heading over there for information and discussion. ^_^

((crossposted everywhere 'cos this is important, dammit!))
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The "I'm pregnant" joke [Nov 10 2007 | 6:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

short cute and funny!

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Pete's number 4 [Oct 19 2007 | 6:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Rock's Hardest Partiers: No. 4

Posted Sep 19th 2007 3:00PM by Spinner Staff
Filed under: The Hit List

4. Pete Doherty

Formerly engaged to coke-hoovering supermodel Kate Moss, the former Libertines and current Babyshambles frontman knows a thing or two about fashion himself: he's never without his trademark porkpie hat and kitten-sized crack pipe. Calculating Pete's total number of drug busts will get you an honorary degree from MIT. Always an inspiration, Doherty has been caught doing drugs on camera more than the entire cast of 'Trainspotting,' including the time he squirted his own blood-filled syringe at an unsuspecting MTV News cameraman.
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